Tiket dan tambang RapidKL

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RapidKL utilizes unified ticket and fare system. However, for single journey tickets, the integration is not really smooth as you will have to pay cash fare while boarding the RapidKL Bus. Meanwhile, LRT and Monorail uses token system.

Single Journey

  1. Token: Single Journey only – Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line utilizes token that needs to be ‘scanned’ at the entry gates and returned back at the exit gates.
  2. Cash fare – fare will be paid while boarding the bus.

Multiple Journeys

  1. MyRapid Card Рstored value card. It can be used for RapidKL Bus, LRT and Monorail. New card can be bought for RM 10 (with RM 8 stored value). Click here for more info about MyRapid Card.
  2. Rapidpass LRT – RM 100 for 30-day pass. Can be used for LRT and Monorail only.
  3. Rapidpass Integrasi – RM 150 for 30-day pass. Can be used for LRT, Monorail, and bus.

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